Q: Why is Issue 3 so important?

A: With the Main Library and 40 branches, our Library provides valuable services in every Hamilton County neighborhood and community. In fact, there are nearly half a million cardholders – at least one in 80% of Hamilton County households – and our Library’s circulation has increased 60% since 2000! However, our local funding is the lowest of any major library system in the state, and our state funding has been cut by 26% since 2000. There also are substantial facility needs – system wide a total of $54 million in repairs, replacements, and renovations are needed – but the current budget only provides for about $2 million each year.

Q: What will Issue 3 provide?

A: With Issue 3, our Library can provide each community with a branch that is well maintained & up to date. It will ensure all 40 branches are handicap accessible (six currently are not). It will provide the funding needed to complete deferred repairs and replacements of roofs, windows, and brickwork that have been put off because of lack of funding. It allows the Main Library downtown to be renovated, the North Building to be repurposed, and the distribution center to move to a more-efficient location. Issue 3 includes funding to purchase enough books, reference materials, CDs, DVDs, and other materials for Library customers. With Issue 3, our Library will be able to continue programs and services like homework help, summer reading, and help for residents looking for jobs – and provide computers, Internet access, and digital materials to meet customers’ needs. Issue 3 keeps our Library strong.

Q: How much will Issue 3 cost?

A: The cost of Issue 3 is less than $3 a month per $100,000 of property value. It is for a period of 10 years.

Q: I don't use the library. Why does this matter to me?

A: Most of your Hamilton County friends, neighbors, and coworkers do use the Library! In fact, 80% of county households have at least one cardholder. Thousands of children use our Main Library and 40 branches across Hamilton County every year for homework help and summer reading programs. Our Library provides online computers to help people find jobs, access data, and do schoolwork. Each year, our Library provides nearly 20,000 free programs for residents of all ages. Our Library is a major, important community asset, and this levy keeps it strong.

Q: Doesn't the Library already have a levy?

A: Yes, our Library has an existing 1-mill levy, originally passed by voters in 2009 and renewed - by 80% of voters - in November 2013. It was intended to replace cuts in state funding, but it is not generating as much as it was originally projected, and our Library's budget has not increased in nearly 20 years. Our Library has the lowest local funding of any major library system in the state. Issue 3 on the May 8, 2018 ballot is a separate and new request. 

Q: What if Issue 3 does not pass?

A: Issue 3 is needed to prevent multi-million-dollar annual deficits and cuts. Without voter approval of Issue 3, our Library simply cannot meet existing facility and customer needs.

Q: How can I help?

A: Take the time to explore this website and share information with others, like us on Facebook, make a donation, order a yard sign, sign up to volunteer, and – most importantly – vote for Issue 3!

Q: When is election day?

A: Election Day is May 8, 2018. Early voting begins April 10, 2018.

Q: Where can I find out more about the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County?

A: Visit the Library’s website and check them out on Facebook.

Other questions? Please e-mail us at VoteForCincyLibrary2018@gmail.com